an eight week workshop
through February and march


Revel in the Remnants is a workshop hosted by poet BEE LB about grief in all forms. Whether distant, fresh, displaced, or muddled, there is room for you and your expression of and experience with grief. We will touch on themes of estrangement, loss of family, self, strangers, witnessing, change, what and who is left behind, as well as
how to live with and alongside it.
You can expect to come out of this workshop with around 8 newly written poems and, ideally, a deeper understanding of your grief and its different facets, as well as the community that helps see and hold who you are and how you feel.


Eight weeks of workshops, with a one-week break in the middle. 2-4pm ESTWeek 1: Identification, Sunday 2/4Week 2: Dis/Connection, Sunday 2/11Week 3: Loss, Sunday 2/18Week 4: Hope, Sunday 2/25One Week BreakWeek 5: Memory, Monday 3/11Week 6: What’s Left, Monday 3/18Week 7: Revelation, Monday 3/25Week 8: Future Dreaming, Sunday 3/31

workshop structure

Revel in the Remnants consists of eight generative workshops. The structure will be roughly the same each week.Materials will be sent out in advance, in order to give participants time to familiarize themselves with the work we'll be reading. Zoom links will be sent out the day of the workshop.

The workshop will start with optional introductions asking for your name, pronouns, and a word to describe the aspect of grief we're covering that week.We'll read 5 poems revolving around that particular aspect of self.After reading, we'll discuss the poems as a group, making collective meaning and hopefully coming to a fuller understanding of the self.Then we'll move onto scaffolding questions, a tool meant to move us from thinking about others’ writing into thinking about our own; mad libs, a fill-in-the-blank exercise meant to think creatively and work on associative leaps; and prompts related to the poems read and the aspect of self focused on.Finally, we'll move into a 15-minute writing time in which you craft a poem in whatever way feels best to you. We will all have the same amount of time, we'll all be working on rough first drafts, and no one will expect perfection. After writing, we'll have an optional readback. Praise may be given, critique will not.

Four plans available

Full workshop:

Eight live workshops on Zoom, text-based materials emailed a week in advance, opportunity to read and share work. (Suggested price: $80-$100)

Half workshop:

Choose either the first or second set of four weeks of live workshops on Zoom, text-based materials emailed a week in advance, opportunity to read and share work. (Suggested price: $40-$80)

Asynchronous option:

Receive text-based materials once a week to work through on your own time at your own pace. (Suggested price: $60-80)

Drop-in Option:

One or more of the live workshops without committing to the full or half workshop. (Suggested price: $15 per workshop)

pricing structure

These workshops are sliding scale, meaning you determine the cost based on what you're able to comfortably afford. Suggested prices are listed with each plan, though any amount higher or lower is welcomed.If you need a payment plan, feel free to reach out to me on ig @twinbrights to set one up. Free spots are available for those who need them, no explanation necessary.

sign up

No matter how you pay, or if you come for free, make sure to fill out the form below.Each plan has its own Stripe link with adjustable prices.You can also pay using Venmo. Include your choice of plan in the notes section.Specify which plan you're signing up for:
1- Full Workshop
2- Asynchronous Workshop
3- Drop-In Workshop specifying which date(s) you plan to come so I know which materials to send you in advance.

Thank You

Thank you for signing up! I hope you enjoy the workshop, and are able to process your grief with community in the process.